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Crush It In Sales

Oct 14, 2020

Inclusion Diversity expert speaker, author, and business consultant Susan McCuistion, helps leaders build more inclusive workplaces using compassion and resilience.

I am sure you realize how important this is, especially now!

Her chapter in The Brilliant Breakthroughs For The Small Business Owner is titled- The Hidden Cost Of Doing Business.  She nails it because most companies either have no idea they are missing this important piece or they do realize it but aren't adjusting their culture.

The 4th Annual Brilliant Breakthroughs For The Small Business Owner- releases 11/11/20.  It's been fun to be a co-author with Susan!

Susan has also been on The Good Karma Success Coach Podcast Episode 71 where she and I chatted about Heartmath.  An amazing company and tool that can help you get through challenging check that out too!

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