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Crush It In Sales

Jun 30, 2020


Exciting news!!!  Ryan (Good Karma Sportfishing) and I signed a co-author deal to be part of the International Best Selling Books Series- Brilliant Breakthroughs.  

I will be sharing our journey as we move towards launch which is Nov. 11, 2020!!  A lot to do!  But all good stuff.

I also share some nuggets from Bob...

Jun 23, 2020

Dang!   Hope you are ready for this one!

Judi Holler is a Professional Keynote Speaker, Podcaster, Best Selling Author of Fear Is My Homeboy and CEO of Holla Productions.

Get ready to take notes or listen 2x.

1. If we were all fearless.....

2. No mistakes only gifts

3. Flipping the script on fear

4. Fear experiments


Jun 17, 2020


How are you showing up?

For your team?

For yourself?

Thanks for listening!

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Jun 10, 2020

MeiLani Hock's life changed where her son AJ was diagnosed with brain cancer at the age of two. 

Instead of, "Why Me?" , she turned that into "Why Not Me?" and now practices, coaches and speaks on topics from time management to Airbnb's where is a host and also offers courses.

I was a recent guest on her Why Not Me...

Jun 3, 2020

Who doesn't love a happy workplace?  We all do right?

But sadly, it's not very common.

Wendy Conrad is the Founder and CEO of Your Happy Workplace. She speaks, coaches and consults on how to achieve a happier workplace.

She strongly believes in working with leaders to share ideas and tools to help their teams increase...