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Crush It In Sales

Oct 28, 2020


This week is just me!  And my authentic and transparent thoughts around social media expectations and collaboration.

Thanks for listening!

Oct 21, 2020

"Conversations are at the core of human interaction, learning, and evolution.  Just as people are at the heart of a business, so conversation is the life-blood driving business success."- Shalini Nag, Ph.D.

Honored to have Dr. Shalini Nag on the Crush It In Sales podcast this week!

Shalini is a fellow co-author in the...

Oct 14, 2020

Inclusion Diversity expert speaker, author, and business consultant Susan McCuistion, helps leaders build more inclusive workplaces using compassion and resilience.

I am sure you realize how important this is, especially now!

Her chapter in The Brilliant Breakthroughs For The Small Business Owner is titled- The Hidden...

Oct 7, 2020


Part 3!

This has been fun to record....hopefully it inspires you to move forward.

Progress Over Perfection!

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Thank you for...