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Crush It In Sales

Apr 29, 2020


I was recently a guest on Becoming Entrefied Podcast that is hosted by Patrick Hughes and Jeff Higdon (Episode 117 if you want to check it out).

We had a such a great chat that I asked them both to be on my podcast.  I love it when a podcast is fun!

They share their story of connecting and building a...

Apr 22, 2020

Emily Frisella is a multi passionate entrepreneur who is the creator of the Life-Planning Brand, Fit Home & Health.

She is the author of 2 cookbooks, co-host of the podcast Food in Session, founder of The Women in Business Workshop and more!

This podcast is full of tips and ideas.  Emily also shares her advice for...

Apr 15, 2020



Brad Cote has over 12 years in the heath and fitness industry and made a massive impact on 1,000's of clients.

He has become a sought after business consultant for health practice owners seeking to grow their own brands.

Brad's strategies are universal and an integral part of growing and maintaining a healthy sales...

Apr 5, 2020


There is a lot happening right now...and what's top of mind for me on this podcast is in the same vein.

- April 9-11th is Child Free Women Summit.  I am speaking Friday the 10th at 3pm EST.  Link in bio on IG or you can use the following in your browser:

-Brief recap of the last two...