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Crush It In Sales

Sep 30, 2020


Do you find yourself asking-

  • How many social media platforms should I be on?
  • How many is too much?
  • How many is not enough?
  • Whose advice should I follow?

I hear it all the time from my friends and fellow speaker/writers.  experts have various opinions so sharing my sage advice and what we (Ryan- Good Karma...

Sep 23, 2020


Been bubbling around for months about doing this podcast idea/theme....

Now I have so much to share it's going to be a series!

Under the sales and personal development pillar.

Hope you like it!

Please share with someone who may need some encouragement and confidence to move forward in creating their own content.


Sep 16, 2020

Powerful and insightful conversation with Dawn Grooters, who is the founder of Broken Vessel Sales Solutions, LLC.

Now, more than ever, it's important to be maximizing your sales from the inside.  Customers are not always able to meet in person and it's become more challenging to travel.

In this podcast, Dawn provides...

Sep 9, 2020

I love this quote by Dolly Parton, "If you see someone without a smile give them one of yours."

Weren't we all taught to be cheerful and smile when you pick up the phone?  Don't be foolish, people can feel your energy.

Story and tip share.

Thank you for listening!

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Other podcast-...

Sep 2, 2020


So much to be said for having knowing your values and having the confidence to walk away.

"When one door closes another opens."

In this podcast I share stories that are hopefully relatable so you can be unf*&^withable.

Thank you for listening!

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My other podcast is The Good Karma...