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Crush It In Sales

Nov 27, 2019

Does your energy level hurt or help your business? 

Do you even know? 

What tools can you use to make sure you are helping vs hurting.

So many sales reps have no idea...nor do they create any habits that help them change it.

And it does matter....

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Nov 21, 2019

This is a joint episode with Ryan - Good Karma Sportfishing.

Carolyn Stash is the President of AtlasTrax.  She built this business from the ground up.  It's an amazing product my husband Ryan uses on his charter boat- The Good Karma.

We discuss:

1.  Tips for gaining momentum and growing your business

2.  Customer...

Nov 14, 2019

Super excited this week to have had the opportunity to speak with multi passionate best selling author, podcaster, speaker and certified master life coach- Cara Alwill Leyba.  She just released her 9th book (yes 9th!)- Girl on Fire.  It's amazing how she keeps coming up with inspiring content that is also...

Nov 1, 2019

Years ago I started putting people and even events/circumstances into buckets in my brain.  That thought process tool has helped me over the years manage my time, energy, maximize business and overall get rid of some bad apples.  I have no regrets about those apples!

In this episode I am sharing my personal tool.  Feel...