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Crush It In Sales

Mar 31, 2020


Tibor Nagy is a former architect turned mindset coach and lifestyle entrepreneur.  His brand, Mindset Horizon, provides personal growth tools and coaching so that people can stretch their minds and expand their horizon.

In this episode we discuss:

His journey in the corporate world and what inspired him to become an...

Mar 26, 2020


Incredible conversation with Theresa Pantanella owner of Pantanella Enterprises which is a full service digital creative agency.  Her brand is Right Away Leads.  It's time to level up or start your dream business.

We discuss:

Using Social Media to create relationships on line:

  • How do you...

Mar 24, 2020


The world is on reset and yesterday I had to admit yesterday I am social media and zoom overload.

In this episode I share my thoughts and suggestions on how to look at the amount of content we are now all receiving.

Also how to deal with those negative people that do not have your best interest at heart.

Episode 56 of...

Mar 18, 2020


Huge difference between hearing and listening.


What are you doing?

Mar 10, 2020

So many people ask me "How do I get everything done so early?"  

In this episode I share my on the road tips and tricks to have a super productive day with ease. It is possible!  Plan at night, get lots of sleep and even meditate in your car!

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