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Crush It In Sales

Feb 26, 2020


Just a quick little podcast update on where my heart and soul is at in regards to my podcast, speaking and coaching business. 

Check it out!

Would love to hear your thoughts.  If the niche fits your business and you are interested in being a guest please email me at

Please check out The...

Feb 19, 2020

This week I had the amazing opportunity to speak with Cloris Kylie.  She is the host of the Beyond Influencer Marketing podcast and author of the book by the same name.  She always delivers a ton of value and great ideas.

I wanted to share this podcast b/c even if you are not aiming to build relationships with...

Feb 12, 2020


Part 4.  Final part of this series....I may add to it at some point. 

Kinda like Star Wars- you never know what could be next.

In this episode I share tips:

7.  Using your time wisely.  Important of time batching.

8.  Positive mindset/attitude. Have fun!  Keep going and focus.

Hope you enjoyed this series.  Would love...

Feb 5, 2020


Part 3

For many businesses having a full pipeline is crucial to a business not only surviving but thriving in an every changing environment.

In this episode I share my stories and tips:

5. Evaluate your Social Media and/or Marketing.  Not every business is on every platform.

6.  Know Your Audience.  Take time to do...