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Crush It In Sales

Jul 15, 2020

Who ever said that praising just one of your sales reps was motivating? 

People are becoming more awake and aware of circumstances that may be contributing to success.  Along the way working hard themselves on what they can control and not control.  

How can you be the best leader possible?  Or if you are a sales rep how you keep motivated and protect your energy?

I also share an incredible quote from my interview with John Lee Dumas (E of Fire) as he was our first interview for our chapter in the 4th Annual International Best Selling Book Series- Brilliant Breakthroughs for Small Business Owners.

I also mention a podcast transcribe service that I use regularly and used for my interview with JLD.  It's call Podscribe.  I am not an affiliate, it's just been a great service that I recommend.  Contact

Thank you for listening!

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