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Crush It In Sales

May 18, 2022


Podcast story share of a recent sales/networking call I made that didn't go as I had expected/hoped it would go.

The other podcast I refer to with my husband Ryan Van Fleet is:

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May 11, 2022

Ready for this mindset wake up call?

My CRUSH IT riff with a major mindset shift! Also positive affirmation tip for sales and business success.

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May 4, 2022

 Do you suffer from high expectations?

—Of yourself and it bleeds unto others?

—Of others? and it causes triggers and relationship challenges?

If so, you are not alone. In this week's Crush It In Sales Podcast, my husband Ryan Van Fleet of Good Karma Sportfishing joins me to discuss and share about this very...

Apr 27, 2022

Have you ever taken a personality assessment? There are many options available— HBDI, Myers Briggs, BANK, Enneagram, Human Design and Navigate which is part of Southwestern Coaching/Consulting.

How many of you then apply the information? Not just to read it and say, "Yep they got it right about me!" But to apply it to...

Apr 20, 2022


Next level on how to think about if you are crushing it in your life and business. There are always layers!

We often think, "We have it nailed! I don't need anymore business."

But are you organized? overwhelmed? healthy? enjoying your life or family? And what do you do when the well dries up or things change?