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Crush It In Sales

Dec 2, 2020

What kind of action taker are you?

Sharing a clip that was from the Good Karma Success Coach Podcast Episode 100- conversation with Spiritual Life & Business Coach Joanna Hunter.

Joanna is the creator of My Million Dollar Experiment which starts January 1, 2021.  It's a global manifestation experiment that sounds very fun.  I took action right away when I heard about it.

The interesting piece (which is the clip) is that she has found there are five categories of people- and action taker is only one.

What are the other four?

What are you?  And what are your blocks in becoming an action taker?

My affiliate link below to learn more about the experiment and signup.  $25 is amazing for a years worth of manifesting guidance, millionaire interviews, and more!  And you can be an affiliate too!

If you are ready to move through your blocks and take action- contact me for one on one private coaching free discovery call. Let's make 2021 the best it can be!

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