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Crush It In Sales

Oct 21, 2020

"Conversations are at the core of human interaction, learning, and evolution.  Just as people are at the heart of a business, so conversation is the life-blood driving business success."- Shalini Nag, Ph.D.

Honored to have Dr. Shalini Nag on the Crush It In Sales podcast this week!

Shalini is a fellow co-author in the Brilliant Breakthroughs For The Small Business Owner book series that releases 11/11.  Her chapter title is, Embrace The Human Approach To Boost Your Business.  

I related to Shalini's chapter b/c I was in the corporate world for 16yrs and then have worked with other companies as a sales rep since...and unfortunately a command culture still exists.

How you treat your team is of the utmost importance!

Hope you enjoy the episode.

Thank you for listening!

You can connect with Shalini at:


Course: Conversations for Business SuccessTM