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Crush It In Sales

May 25, 2022

Time Management or Time Maximization?

What's a better mindset word to choose?

These next few podcasts will dive into some challenges I am seeing and hearing about from clients and also people I am connecting with.

It's been an eye opening experience so far of epidemic proportion and these podcasts are meant for you to take a good look in the mirror and see where you can make some tweaks to your schedule to maximize your success.

This first Crush It In Sales Podcast is about complacency. A word that was new to my vocabulary but in hindsight when I think about my weight, I was complacent so some personal deep dive and reflection in my podcast. My intention as always is to be relatable and help your transform.

Where are you complacent in your life, business, health or relationships?

LMK what you think!

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